Make a towel pad mats

Before throwing them, consider replacing them and make yourself an eco-mug for the bathroom!

The mats are very easy to make. You need towels, a piece of protective mesh for windows, which you can buy in any well-equipped home and garden store. Determine the dimensions of your mats yourself.

The towels are cut into equal strips of about 2 or 2.5 centimeters in length, and a long dozen centimeters. Tie one tape to one another, tying the protective mesh to create a new little soft carpet.

You can combine colors or choose monochrome towels. This course is very easy to wash and washed in a machine like a towel.

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Do it yourself: little pom pom bath pad

Although the carpet is not something you think you can do yourself, there is a very simple do-it-yourself method that only requires yarn and scissors. To start this project, you will need to create a bunch of giants.

There are also ready-made pomps, that is, kiosks, which you can buy in hobby by shops, but if you do not want to use ready-made gloves, you can make them yourself.

The number of kires you will need depends on how much you want your carpet to be large. The carpet on the photographs is the size of the mats and is made out of 48 tassels arranged in 6 rows by 8. But the same concept can be applied to a larger carpet.

When you make a bowl, place them in a pattern that you like based on their size and color. Cut out pieces of yarns that measure the length and width of your carpet and distribute them into the net. (you can also buy a ready-made netting in the shops and simply tie the tassels to it) Then tie each tassel to your place online. It works best if you start from the outside and go to the middle.

When you engage all the gingivers, cut off the excess of the tow and place the carpet with the “grid” facing the floor. That’s all – enjoy your new carpet!

This project can be easily adapted to fit your interior with different colors and patterns. You can make a carpet that is in one color. You can also make rugs with stripes.

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DIY: Make a bath mats from old towels

f you have a bunch of old towels that washed millions of times, there’s no need to finish the bucket. Here’s how you can recycle them and make something that you really need from them.

You need it:
– Three old towels in your favorite colors
– A needle and a thread

How to make a bed:
1. Fold the towels in half and cut into strips of approximately 2.5 to 3 centimeters. You will need about 13 such mid-size mats.
2. Take one strip of each color and tie them at the ends.
3. Start knitting a knit from these three lanes and try to bend the edges inward so as not to see the unoccupied ends.
4. On the resulting braid, trim three more straps and continue knitting until you get one long braid.
5. Reinstall the rug while shaping it and see how your circular mats are getting bigger and bigger.
6. Sew the ends and almost!

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Make a bath mats from river rocks

Want to replace your ordinary bath mats with something completely original and unusual? Make a phenomenal bath bedding from river pebbles.

This simple rug will give your bathroom a completely new dimension and looks different, chic and sophisticated, and your hand to the heart is not a particular effort to make it.

Required material:
A thin mats made of rubber
Provisional contact glue

To begin, start looking for pebbles, walk up to the river and get as many stones as you like, with a lot of shapes of different colors. If you do not know where to find stones, ask them at the stores where building materials are sold and “do it yourself” projects can you buy them.

Wash the stones and dry them and simply stick them on the rubber mats in the order you want. Agree the mosaic yourself according to your taste.

When stacking the stones leave the mats to dry the adhesive, preferably overnight, and then the next day, put it in the desired place in the bathroom.

You can also take this mug as a gift for moving friends and family members, we are sure that they will be more than enthusiastic.

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Make a buffy mats

Want a completely special, unique and unique rug for your or children’s bedroom? Then you just have to make this puffy mug that will delight anyone who sees it.

We found this idea on the Lotsofdiy blog and at first glance won us completely. Try to make it yourself in your own home. The process itself will safely entertain you, and the result will be fascinating.

From the material you will need a solid net (the one that can be used for mosquito protection) and a lot of wool of different colors, of course, if you want your mats to be colored.

To start, measure the mesh and cut it into the size you want your rug. Then proceed with the preparation of the buffers. Make as many puffs as you can to cover the entire net

After you have made the puffs time I will put them on the net.

You can stick them up one or the other, or you can make them feel easier. When you put your puffs tightly on the mesh, cut the ends of the fur scissors and your little masterpiece is ready to show.

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Make a unique woolen mats

When the cold weather comes, we all get the need to sneak under warm blankets and blankets, and cover the floors with soft carpets that will protect us from the cold.

In today’s “do it yourself” post we discover how to make woolen “pom pom” rugs that you can use to cover the floors, but also furniture, and what not to decorate the walls!

See the manual and find out how to easily and simply, with a little patience and effort, make these fantastic woolen rugs!

Required material:

Wool in the desired colors,
Plastic hooks,
Tailor meter.

Measure the desired dimensions of your future rug and cut into plastic plastic in a given measure.

Make pom pom ball as follows:

Wrap around the wool around the fingers or forks 20 times, then remove the finger from the fingers. With the other smaller piece of wool, tie the bobbin so that it can be halved in the middle. Cut the fused ends on both sides, shuffle the wool and get a wool ball. Make sure that one end is longer, so that you can tie it.

Make pompons balls in different colors and in sufficient quantity to cover the whole man you’ve already cured.

It’s okay to get together and interact with the balls. Begin with the edges and slowly, start one by one to begin with the long end of the wool you left tie the balls for the man.

Spread the wool through the holes and connect to the strong knots.

Make the desired idine. It can be ombre effect or randomly embedded vibrant colors, and you can also make a geometric pattern. It’s all up to you!

Shake the mats when you finish finishing well and loosening and ready to use!

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