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Since my move, decorating projects are more and more numerous. I wanted to share them with you as and when. I begin by introducing you to my new round jute carpet. I also offer you the opportunity to win this beautiful basket pompoms.

You are probably aware that I moved there a few weeks ago. It was not a small thing to do. I’m really good in this new apartment, and then I finally have my outside. On the other hand it is a configuration downright opposed to that which I had previously . We go from an old apartment with very small rooms, to a large white space.

Raising money & Love

The number of walls has decreased considerably. J ‘have trouble finding a place for all my furniture, to renovate the space simply. After a few weeks of panic to think about every minute of the day, I blew a big blow and I decided to take my time, because I am not a magician it must be admitted. It’s difficult to create a new balance. I am in a hurry but I must not. The more you take your time, the more things will be successful. I’m sure a fable from La fontaine explains all that.

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